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Mentoring Students


People need a third space or a relational environment that isn’t home / work / school.  CAFE BARNABAS creates this culture while innovating and leading the tea industry.  Our ministry team intentionally engages students with the goal of sharing their faith in Christ and being available to talk about anything. We are another possible connection point for a student unwilling to reach out to a pastor, parent, or police officer. The next step from our first connection point is engagement. 


Every day our team invests high impact time into developing relationships with student volunteers.  Cafe Barnabas is a platform allowing students to cultivate skills and character in a real world setting.  These skills produce self-confidence, a common goal, and shared experiences. This quality relational time results in an understanding of that student’s strengths and struggles. This knowledge enables our team to relevantly challenge students to understand and come to faith in Christ or grow in their faith in Christ.  Ultimately, we desire to develop community leaders.


Students possess the potential to improve their community when challenged to do so, mentored to develop required skills, and empowered to secure the resources necessary to accomplish their vision. Potential leaders are given incremental levels of responsibility in the cafe such as register training and tea infusion training. As students master cafe skills, we seek to partner with churches and other organizations allowing students to experience a broad range of leadership situations further honing their skill. Ultimately, we come along side these new leaders as they discover or develop ways to improve their communities.

Volunteer !

Our Volunteers are the BEST!!! By joining the team, you become part of a family focused on providing mind-blowing tea while learning valuable skills you can use the rest of your life. Plus, you get free tea and food during your shift. YEAH!

Common Stated reason for Disbelief

” Lack of a compelling argument for the existence of both evil and a good and loving God.”

Building Communities


Ministry should not be done in a vacuum or competition.  However, these two modes are the path of least resistance for churches, Para-churches, and organizations. We are connectors, facilitating meetings, which tie incredible leaders together and foster radical ministerial collaboration. Communication and fellowship is the key. Get plugged in today to receive invites to partnership outreaches and networking meetings.



Community = Sum of it’s Parts

1 Cor. 12:12-27 lays a foundation for community outreach and development. Today there are many needs and few resources. We facilitate mutually beneficial partnership by challenging organizations to work together in meeting these needs. Currently, this is accomplished through collaborative outreaches.  However, we are constantly developing new ways to improve the strength of our communities. 


Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy lived among the Thessalonians for the purpose of mentorship, discipleship, and professional development in 1 Thess. 1.  Barnabas Student Ministries serves the local church by providing a community of support. For struggling pastors and missionaries we provide encouragement; for young or developing pastors and missionaries we provide mentorship, connections, and tools through our cafes. Strong leaders are always key to cultural change. 

What You Can Do

Here’s your invite. Be a CONNECTOR with us by investing time or resources.


*** Non-Cafe Opportunities — Prayer, Mentorship, Etc. 

Why do you want to volunteer at Cafe Barnabas?


I love going to Cafe Barnabas and the people that work there are really cool. It would also give me job experience, which I need. Everything the cafe does is really inspiring as well and I want to be apart of it.

- Allie

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