While spending the day in the café, a group of teenage boys came in and one turned out to be one of our current volunteers. After grabbing some samples, they took a few minutes to check out the café décor, smell some loose-leaf tea and look at all our bubble tea flavors. The volunteer in the group shared how much he loved the cafe. He pointed out the sticky counters and told his friends, “Stickiness was proof people were coming in to get tea, they’ve been busy. But they don’t just get tea, they have real conversations from people who care for them!”

Then the volunteer started telling their friends a couple reasons why they loved the cafe so much. They shared when people come to the cafe, they can talk about ANYTHING and our staff will actually listen. They said, “When I was working, Kevin was speaking to a couple of high-schoolers about problems they were having with their boyfriends. He told them the way they were being treated was wrong and that they deserved to be treated better. It was after a rush so the cafe was a mess but instead of cleaning the café he took time to actually have a conversation with them that was real. He actually listened and showed that he really cared about their problems. All of the lead workers here do that! That’s why I love working here. They really care! And guess what, they even talk about Jesus!”

I am so thankful that God has provided Café Barnabas us a staff that cares so much about the community. We don’t know who will be stepping in the cafe each day but we are always excited to help each of you with a smile and a cup of tea.

What are some things that you all love about the cafe?