During one of my recent shifts, we were a little slow and I didn’t have a volunteer scheduled on the shift . This gave me the time to stand out front with a sample tray and meet people as they walked by.

I had just refreshed my sample tray and was walking back out to the hallway when I notice a dad carrying his baby in a baby backpack. In my opinion, a baby backpack is perhaps the most important tool in one’s dad box. As he was passing, I said “Hey man, I like the baby backpack! Those things are the only reason I have been able to get anything done.” He was slightly surprised, probably because I took a personal interest not in him buying a tea but talking about dad-ing.

Little did I know that he was a very proud dad because of the experiences he walked through to have his precious little human with him that day. The baby had come well over 2 months early and was in the hospital for several months after. When I learned that, I exclaimed “Wow, you have a beautiful miracle.” To my amazement, he said that’s not but half of the story. Many poor decisions had taken him across the country where ultimately he met the mother. He was proud to have been clean for a significant period of time and felt that his kiddo was a blessing based on the changes he had made in his life.

I encouraged him “Your little bundle there needs you to stay clean, your a good dad, thanks for sharing your story” Shortly after than, a group of kids came in but if I would have had more time, several comments he made lead me to believe faith was the base of his transformation.

I’m excited to catch up with him again so I can continue being an encouragement. Each connection we make with students, dads, people is a relationship development point in the series of friendship which allows us to share the gospel or encourage believes.

Thank you for allowing me to create these connection points. The generosity of our donors and prayer partners is the only reason we are able to continue being in the right place at the right time seeking to forge friendships with eternal significance.

As a side note, I think these are the coolest thing as well. My kids use my hair to not fall over backwards. Three kids into this adventure, I have very robust hair follicles.