Several days ago, a group of four students come into the cafe. Our conversation transitioned from simple greeting to favorite movie. A few of the students in the group enjoy horror flicks. This has never been a genre which I have had any interest in, however, these movies often present an abundance of comical material. After several exchanges, all the students where rolling with laughter upon reviewing the absurd plot of many of these films.

One student began describing his favorite movie in which a young boy’s family is on a ship at sea which sinks. He ends up washing up on an island where monks take him in, teach him┬ámartial arts, and allow him to train his mind to the point he is able to transform his fist into iron. This unique ability gives him the rare change to enter a city in Heaven. This opportunity to go to this city in heaven only happens every 18 years, I believe some of the rest of the movie is about that journey.

Sometimes, gospel opportunities in the cafe are subtle. This one was not!!!!!! I was able to take the opportunity to share that the guy I serve, JESUS, doesn’t limit our access to heaven. It is an open opportunity for everyone who would believe in him. At that point, the conversation transitioned. However, I was able to establish that there is an easily accessible heaven that everyone can go to through Jesus. My prayer is that the next time I see these students, I will be able to build on this conversation and establish why Jesus is the key, how it could impact their lives, and why going to heaven someday is not only important after death but has a very real impact on how we live today.