We have been developing a friendship with a girl for years at WestRidge. Recently, she came in very sad. When I asked if she was alright, with tears in her eyes she said “NO” I asked her what’s wrong. She replied “my dad died yesterday.” After given both her and her mom a free tea, we began to talk through what happened. Her dad had been sick for some time. It didn’t make to shook of this situation easier. I told her I could give her any answer why her dad died, but that God is some place in all of this because only a loving, caring God could allow her to develop a relationship years ago with our team for this very moment. I reached out to pat her shoulder. Instead, she gave me a sad, long hug. We stood sipping tea for a while talking about her dad military service and the detail of the event that ultimately took him from them.

The impact of our ministry sometimes takes years to see. I must always trust that God is divinely orchestrating right place, right time moments where people are ready to hear from an alright, loving father.

Please continue to pray that God would allow our missionary team to see, experience, and capitalize on those divine moments. Thanks for helping make those moments happen through your consistent support.