Catch, Catch, Catch, Catch, Catch.

This adorable simple word beat through my task focus filter of the moment. I was working on tying my shoes before leaving for the cafe this morning when I became aware that my youngest son Simeon was standing in front of me with an “Olaf” snow ball persistently requesting my attention, which I promptly gave him of course. For two quick minutes, we played catch followed by a quick tickle fight with both him and my daughter Keziah. These simple moments remind me that even through God has called me to steward a complex, challenging Business as Ministry, He first called me to be a DAD. My confession is this is often in conflict with my overwhelming mountain of tasks.

I took my kids to Kolh’s to get something for Debbie for Mother’s Day. All my kiddos helped pick out the perfect gift. Keziah was our mom model, showing the group what it might look like on mommy. God is gracious often when he reminds me how wonderful my children are. Please pray for me and my family that God would allow me to continue learning how to balance out the strains of ministry and life.