A volunteer came in to Café Barnabas one night for their shift and randomly asked me about my church. I told her a little about it and she seemed to be very interested. Later she asked what my dad, who is an AWANA Ministries missionary, does. So then I had the opportunity to share a little bit about AWANA and some specifics of the ministry my dad is part of. At the end of our chat, she asked me if she could join me for a Wednesday night at our church! Of course, I said yes. She loved it! She told me afterwards that the teachings were very cool and really interesting to learn. I am praying hard that she will continue to want to come with my family and me.

-Topeka Shift Lead

***For those who may not know, AWANA isn’t just for elementary age kiddos. There is an entire ministry including curriculum and camp for middle and high school students!***