A stateside tea master that we purchase from recently came through our area. We were blessed to have him do a short demo in the cafe for our team and anyone interested to watch.

After the demo, he needed to charge his car which gave us the opportunity to treat him to dinner. I truly enjoyed our conversation about the tea industry, trends, key players, changes, perspectives. One of my desires is that Cafe Barnabas would stay on the front side of the industry through excellence and innovation. This goal is not an end, but a philosophy that if we are to use TEA to advance the gospel we should to it to the glory of God. My conversation with our friend that even helped me better understand our industry from the perspective of a wholesaler, opposite our perspective as a retailer.

His reason for coming through the area was a fairly heavy medical concern his mom was experiencing.  For him, Topeka was a good charging point. For me, it was an opportunity to bless him, strengthen our friendship, and offer prayer for his mom. A few days later I e-mailed him as an encouragement that I was praying for him. I told him that life is sometimes like tea. Usually, tea needs to get hot in order for it to release it’s treasures into the water. It’s the processes referred to as  “The Agony of the Leaves”

The greatest lessons I have learned in my life usually involve a season of agony, but the treasure of knowledge that God blesses me with is always worth the journey.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. Without the faithful support of our donors, we would not be able to be available to prayer for a Tea Professional going through a difficult time.