All three of my kiddos where piled on our reading rocking chair in their room.  We had just finished the classic Madeline and were about to start our devotional time. I said “When daddy was a little boy, this was one of his favorites because of the cool french pictures and clever rhymes.”  Keziah and I had this little exchange.

Keziah:  Daddy, when I was a little girl, this was my favorite too

Daddy: Keziah, you’re still a little girl.

Keziah: Well, I still like it.

This little exchange made me laugh, and even through it has  been kind of a rough day with her, I appreciated my brown eyed little girl.

This is following a story from several days ago. She ran up to me when I got home from the cafe and said ” Daddy, can we go on an ice cream date soon?” I believe the back story is she was caught hiding under the laundry folding table on our back porch eating ice cream from the carton with a spoon. The earnestness of her request and the batt of her brown eyes melted my heart like ice cream. I told her we could surely go out for ice cream in WI before mommy and daddy leave for World Tea Expo.