I recently worked a busy Saturday in the cafe. Two interesting things happened during my shift.

A high school aged girl came in with a Victoria Secret bag. She was hanging out with a group of friends. One of her friends, a verbal young man, very insistently asked her what was in her bag. She didn’t say anything, but kept moving the bag around her to conceal it from his view. The third time this young man insistently sought to examine the bags contents, I looked at this young girl said “Girl, hold your ground. He doesn’t need to see whatever is in that bag.”
As if on a quest, this young man for the fourth time asked her “What’s in the bag?” There was a small group of students standing outside the cafe watching this entire drama unfold. Loud enough for everyone in ear shot to hear, I proclaimed “Dude, you know what’s in the bag and you don’t need to see it. That’s why the bag says SECRET on it. Leave your friend alone.”

A short while after this exchange, a college aged woman joined us in the cafe wearing elegant red lipstick. I asked if she was a student which was met with an affirmative answer. I learned she was studying psychology with the intention of counseling. This is a common answer. I constantly praise the Lord that He gives many people the courage to use challenging situation in their lives to help other. When I asked her why she wanted to do counseling, she replied “I was victim all through my jr. and sr. high years. I have a hard story that I hope will help other girls someday.” Impressed by her courage and character, I encouraged her that God was going to use her to do great things in the future and thanked her for desiring to help students.

I find it interesting that these two events took place on the same shift. Upon reflection, I believe that God was allowing me to see the impact of our interaction with everyone whose path we cross. Each night, I pray for my boys that they would be World Changers, Women Respecter, and Men after God’s own Heart. God gave me the opportunity to help teach a young man in our community the importance of respecting women and to encourage two women to begin and continue standing firm against the tasteless questions of boys who have never been challenged to believe that the most attractive characteristics of a woman are MORE THAN SKIN DEEP,