I had one of the new volunteers on shift with me tonight. We were chatting and I asked him if he went to church anywhere and he said no, but that a while back he had gone to youth group with some friends but didn’t anymore. I asked what he thought about the whole Jesus thing and he said, “well, I believe [some things] and I don’t believe some things.” He elaborated that he believed because logically it’s the “only thing that makes sense for how the universe was created,” but struggled to believe why, if there is a God, is there so much disease and cancer?

I had the divine opportunity to explain to him that it is because of sin, how sin entered the world, and our choosing between right and wrong. He didn’t believe that a God so powerful as that would give rules that we could break so easily which led to me being able to essentially explain the Gospel (most of it), free will, and the option between life and death. The conversation ended with a question about karma but I feel like the Gospel conversation is one that can be continued.

-Topeka Shift Lead