As missionaries, we hit our mission field each day wondering how God is going to use us to impact someone for the Kingdome and who that person is going to be. Praying to be used by the Holy Spirit and find those divine appointments we walk boldly into a little tea cafe in the middle of the USA. He also has His awesome ways of ministering to us through the trenches and reminding us that we are HIS first.

Shortly before Christmas, a lady came in to Café Barnabas while I was working. She ordered her beverage of choice, I prepared it with love, and we chatted for a bit. Just before she left, she said, “How can I pray for you this Christmas?”

I was surprised. I explained to her that Christmas is a hard time for my family, as it is for many, and that I had been struggling. She took my hand, held it, and prayed over me. I began to tear up. She hugged me and said, “God bless you.”

After she left, I couldn’t help bursting into tears right there in the café. God knew exactly what I needed to get through the day. I am continually thankful for the reminder that though the days might not be great, He is still taking of me.

West Ridge Mall Cafe Shift Lead