Two Questions 

One afternoon I was working with volunteer and could see that something was bothering them. I asked what the issue was and they responded with two questions.  

The first: What do you think of life after death and are you afraid of the outcome?.  This was not at all where I thought the conversation would be going but I was glad that they felt the cafe was a safe place to seek input for an answer. I explained to them that when I was younger, I was afraid of leaving those that I love on earth. I was afraid of dying. Afraid of the pain. But it was explained to me many years ago that dying does suck and it is sad leaving those you love but at least you know you’ll see them again in heaven. This put me at peace then and still does today.  I shared this with the volunteer and added, “And I hope to see you there as well!” 

The second question: Why would a god claimed to be so giving and loving be so selfish? Forcing us (humans) to only exist on planet earth? Didn’t he create the universe? Why doesn’t he allow humans to survive on other planets and elsewhere in the universes?  This left me a bit speechless. I could only answer this question with a question.  God not only created us but was gracious enough to sacrifice his son.  Doesn’t allowing us to sustain life on earth show how loving He is? No, we can’t live on mars but doesn’t the fact that we are able to travel there say anything? I could see the “question train” was rolling and asked if there was anything they wanted to discuss. They declined but I realized there is now a door way for me to lead into a deeper conversation and sharing of the gospel.